WSOP 2022 Online Schedule announced amidst COVID-19 Concerns

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is an annual event that attracts poker enthusiasts from all over the world. This event is significant because it is considered the pinnacle of poker tournaments, with the chance for players to win millions of dollars in prizes.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the WSOP has announced that the 2022 tournament series will be held online. Despite the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, players can still experience the excitement of competing in the WSOP from the comfort of their own homes.

Overview of 2022 WSOP Online Schedule

The WSOP 2022 Online Schedule will run from June 1st to July 1st and will feature a variety of events. In addition to the Main Event, players can participate in numerous other tournaments with varying buy-ins and prize pools. Some of the major events of the series include the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship, the $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em Championship, and the $50,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold’em Championship.

The buy-ins for the WSOP 2022 Online Schedule range from $50 to $50,000 and players can expect an impressive prize pool totaling over $100 million.

Preparations for the Online Schedule

Before playing in the WSOP 2022 Online Schedule, players need to ensure that they have the technical requirements to do so. To participate in the tournament, players must have a stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and a account.

Players should also prepare ahead of time by practicing with different variations of poker and studying the tournament’s rules and regulations. It is also important to note that fair play is a top priority for the WSOP. Cheating will not be tolerated, and players should take the necessary steps to ensure that they are playing fairly.

Impact of COVID-19 on the WSOP 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to WSOP events in the past. However, in response to the ongoing pandemic, the WSOP has taken precautions for online tournaments to ensure the safety of all participants.

Players should also stay up to date on any changes to the tournament schedule in response to the pandemic. The WSOP website will provide the latest updates on any changes or additions to the event.


The WSOP 2022 Online Schedule provides players with the opportunity to compete in the world’s most prestigious poker tournament from home. Despite the pandemic, players can still experience the excitement of playing in a tournament with a prize pool totaling over $100 million.

Players should prepare ahead of time by studying tournament rules, ensuring fair play, and staying up-to-date on changes due to COVID-19. With these preparations, players can fully enjoy the WSOP 2022 Online Schedule.

We encourage all players to compete in the WSOP 2022 Online Tournaments and wish everyone the best of luck.

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