Who is Vanessa Kade and the Controversy Leading up to Her Exit from ACR

Vanessa Kade, a seasoned Canadian professional poker player, is renowned for her expertise in playing poker online. Recently, she was in the limelight due to a controversy that ultimately triggered her departure from America’s Cardroom (ACR). This gave rise to a significant stir in the poker community.

The Incident

The controversy initiated when ACR released an offensive tweet that targeted a female poker player, infuriating the poker community. While ACR did apologize, Vanessa Kade wasn’t satisfied with the organization’s apology. She exposed the hypocrisy of ACR for advancing inclusivity while ignoring sexist conduct.

Vanessa Kade voiced her frustration on social media, spurring a heated debate, which ultimately led to her leaving the platform.

Reaction of the Poker Community

The community received the issue with mixed emotions. A large number of players stood behind Vanessa Kade, rebuking ACR’s behavior while others believed that her reactions were unnecessary and exaggerated. There was a lot of tension in the air, with some players demanding action be taken against ACR.

Response of ACR

ACR has expressed remorse for the offensive message posted on Twitter. In response to Vanessa Kade’s departure, the company stated that they weren’t in support of such behavior and were actively working to address the issue. ACR also reiterated its commitment to promoting inclusivity and treating all players with respect.

Vanessa Kade’s Exit

Vanessa Kade publicly announced her exit from ACR in a tweet. She revealed that she had to make the difficult decision of leaving a platform that didn’t agree with her values. She was disappointed by the lack of support from women in the poker community.

Impact on the Industry

Vanessa Kade’s departure from ACR has started conversations about inclusivity and representation in the poker community. Several professionals have exited the industry over similar issues, emphasizing the need for change. A more welcoming and inclusive environment requires collective effort from all players to achieved that goal.


The situation with Vanessa Kade and ACR illuminates the need to continuously strive towards inclusivity and respect in the poker industry. It is essential for all players and organizations to promote an environment that is inclusive and respectful. Change is a gradual process, but progress can be achieved by listening to others’ experiences and treating everyone with equality.

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