A Feud Between Ebony Kenney and Joey Ingram Sparks Controversy in the Poker Community

Recently, a heated exchange between Ebony Kenney and Joey Ingram has caused quite a stir within the poker community. The cause of this feud stems from a podcast interview, and has since escalated into a controversy dividing the community.

Section 1: Ebony Kenney’s Perspective

Ebony Kenney has been vocal about her take on the podcast interview. She has expressed grievances with Joey Ingram’s interview style, noting that he was overly aggressive and disrespectful. In response, she has defended her own actions during the interview and called out Joey for his behavior.

“I don’t appreciate being attacked and disrespected by someone I thought was a friend,” Kenney said in a recent interview. “I tried my best to be honest and open during the interview, but Joey’s behavior was unacceptable.”

Kenny has also provided evidence to support her claims, including audio and video recordings of the interview in question. She feels that it is important to shed light on the negative impact of aggressive interview tactics, particularly in the poker community where players are often subjected to intense scrutiny.

Section 2: Joey Ingram’s Perspective

Joey Ingram, on the other hand, has defended the podcast interview, stating his motivations and providing evidence to support his claim. Ingram says that his intention was to challenge Kenney’s views and get her to open up about some of the controversy surrounding her reputation in the poker community.

“I felt it was important to address some of the rumors and accusations that have been circulating about Ebony,” Ingram said in a recent interview. “I was not trying to attack her, but rather, I wanted to help her address these issues head-on.”

Ingram also provided audio recordings of the interview and pointed out moments where he felt that he was simply trying to understand her point of view. He feels that the accusations against him are unfair, and that people are not seeing the full picture.

Section 3: Reactions from the Poker Community

The feud has sparked a wide range of reactions within the poker community. Some players have come out in support of Ebony Kenney, condemning Joey Ingram’s behavior and calling for more respectful discourse within the community. Others have defended Joey Ingram, emphasizing the importance of challenging each other’s views and pushing the community forward.

“We need to have open and honest discussions within the poker community,” says professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. “But we also need to hold each other accountable for our actions. It’s important to be respectful and mindful of how our words and actions impact others.”


The feud between Ebony Kenney and Joey Ingram has had a significant impact on the poker community. It has highlighted the need for respectful discourse and has brought attention to the negative impact of aggressive interview tactics. Going forward, it is important for the community to come together and find solutions to these issues. With open and honest communication, we can create a healthier and more positive environment for all involved.

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