How Will Foxwoods Resort Casino Expansion Affect Poker Room Players?

When it comes to United States’ casinos, the Foxwoods Resort Casino is undoubtedly one of the most well-known establishments. Providing customers with an all-encompassing entertainment experience for over two decades, Foxwoods Casino has recently announced expansion plans, which is set to majorly shake things up. In this article, we take a closer look at how the proposed expansion is expected to impact poker room players in particular.

An Overview of Foxwoods Poker Room

Foxwoods Poker Room is unparalleled when it comes to size and popularity, having gained a reputation as one of the largest and busiest poker rooms in the world. With over 114,000 square feet of floor space, players can choose from a wide variety of games ranging from Texas Hold’em to Seven-Card Stud. What’s more, patrons are often drawn to the luxury surroundings, pleasurable atmosphere, and first-class amenities available.

Each year, Foxwoods puts on some of the most significant tournaments, including the World Series of Poker Circuit, and the Foxwoods Poker Classic. This means patrons compete with seasoned and experienced players and vie for the chance to win massive cash prizes.

The Impact of the Expansion Plans on Poker Room Players

It’s true that casino expansions both bring opportunities and challenges. But when it comes to Foxwoods Resort Casino’s expansion, the impact on poker room players is expected to be significant. One of the biggest benefits of the expansion is that it will increase the number of poker tables, games, and tournaments available for play. This, in turn, means that poker players can enjoy more chances to play their favorite games, with the added bonus of potentially attracting new players to the room.

However, the expansion can also pose potential drawbacks, such as the disruptive construction noise that is likely to be experienced during the expansion. What’s more, with the possibility of new attractions being added to the casino, there may be distractions other than poker games competing for the player’s attention.

Overall, casino expansion will present both advantages and challenges. While the construction noise will be a temporary inconvenience for poker room players, the increased number of tables and attracting more players may ultimately make it worthwhile.


To summarize, the Foxwoods Resort Casino expansion is set to have a considerable effect on poker room players. While the poker room will experience both benefits and challenges during the expansion, it’s important to stay informed with the latest news surrounding the expansion and visit Foxwoods to see the changes for themselves. Ultimately, the expansion will bring increased opportunities for poker players, but it’s good to remain aware of the potential distractions that may arise with new attractions being added to the casino.

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