The Mike Postle Alleged Cheating Saga: Is it Time to Move On?

For the poker community, the Mike Postle scandal represents a contentious point of discussion. There‚Äôs been a lot of talk since 2019 about whether or not he cheated during live-streamed cash games at Stones Gambling Hall. With different accusations from several players, the issue has become a hot-button topic, and there is still uncertainty surrounding what actually went on. As a writer and member of the poker community, I believe it’s important to engage in a discussion about this issue and consider whether it’s time for us to move on.

A Brief Recap of the Mike Postle Scandal

The timeline of events leading up to the accusations against Postle began in 2019. Several players accused him of cheating during the live-streamed games at Stones Gambling Hall, primarily because of his unbelievable win rate. Later, investigations discovered that Postle’s phone had somehow relayed information regarding other players’ hole cards, which he could exploit during the game.

After Postle’s cheating allegations became public, there followed a series of lawsuits, including one by Veronica Brill, a former commentator on the Stones Gambling Hall broadcasts who had raised concerns about Postle’s play long before the allegations became public. Despite all this evidence against him, Postle has refused to admit his guilt and has maintained his innocence throughout.

Arguments for and Against Mike Postle’s Innocence

Various arguments exist for and against Mike Postle’s innocence. His supporters suggest that the evidence against him is purely circumstantial, lacking merit. Conversely, those who believe that he is guilty point to the overwhelming evidence against him, as well as his reluctance to comment on certain aspects of the scandal. However, the evidence presented so far has been overwhelmingly difficult to ignore, leading many members of the poker community to feel convinced that Postle was not just playing good poker.

The Impact on the Poker Community

The scandal has understandably had a profound effect on the poker community, with players concerned about the game’s integrity and calls for greater oversight in live-streamed games to prevent cheating. Social media has been instrumental in keeping the Postle scandal under the spotlight, with players using platforms such as Twitter to share their opinions and evidence.

Is it Time to Move On?

The ongoing legal discourse makes it worth considering whether the poker community has to move on from the Postle scandal. The mounting evidence against Postle is compelling but some believe that the negative impact on the game has been too great and that it is time to refocus on the positive aspects of the game.

Others uphold that pursuing justice to the end is important, and allowing suspected cheaters to get away with their actions might establish a damaging precedent for the future of the game. All in all, the poker community will have to decide as a whole, what course of action aligns with the values that make poker a fair and enjoyable game for everyone.


The Mike Postle scandal has been a polarizing issue for the poker community, with passionate arguments arising on both sides. It’s important to remember that integrity is integral to poker’s greatness, and as we consider the game’s future, we need to uphold these values. Whether we choose to focus on moving on or continue the pursuit of justice, it’s ultimately up to poker players to determine what’s best for their beloved game.

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