The Moormans’ Exchange: A Deep Dive Interview Between Katie Lindsay and Chris Moorman

Poker enthusiasts and fans eagerly anticipate interviews with legendary players. In this interview, we dive deep into the world of poker with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay.

Chris Moorman is a British professional poker player who has earned more than $18 million in online and live tournaments. He holds an impressive track record of being the only player to ever achieve over $10 million in online poker tournaments. Katie Lindsay, also a professional poker player, boasts a successful career with earnings of over $1 million.


Let’s set the stage with an exciting story that leads us into our interview. Once upon a time, Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay played against each other in a poker tournament. Chris couldn’t help but notice Katie’s level of play. He was mesmerized by her skills and clever tactics. After the tournament, Chris approached Katie and suggested they work together, sparking an incredible journey of professional and personal success.

Section 1: Backgrounds

Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay started their journey to becoming professional poker players at different times and in different ways. Chris had a passion for the game from a young age and pursued it relentlessly. Meanwhile, Katie discovered her love for poker after spending many years as a sportswoman. Despite their different stories, both have faced many ups and downs in their poker careers. They consider these setbacks as learning opportunities and use them to improve and keep evolving.

Section 2: Personal Life

Katie Lindsay and Chris Moorman are not only partners in poker but also in life. They met on the felt and fell in love. Being in a relationship with another poker player isn’t always easy, but they have created a balance between their personal life and careers. Supportive of each other, they share experiences and provide feedback when necessary. They believe that a supportive and understanding partner can take their game to the next level.

Section 3: Advice and Tips for Players

As professionals, Chris and Katie are often asked for advice by aspiring poker players. One tip they offer is to pursue poker as a profession only if you have a genuine passion for the game. They suggest that you must learn to deal with the mental and emotional stress that comes with the game. Another crucial tip is managing your bankroll and risk management, vital components of professional play.

Section 4: The Future

Katie Lindsay and Chris Moorman share ambitious goals they plan to achieve in their poker careers. Chris wants to be more involved in the poker community and perhaps write a book to share his strategies and experiences with other players. While Katie aims to play in more tournaments and challenge for more titles. They advise aspiring players to keep learning, never quit, stay true to themselves, and remain passionate about the game.


The interview with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay is a remarkable deep dive into the world of professional poker. From their backgrounds, personal life, advice and tips for players to the future, the conversation offers valuable insight into the game. The exchange provides aspiring poker players with a valuable tool on how to approach and build a successful poker career.

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