Controversy at 2022 WSOP: The Alleged Misbehavior of Kitty Kuo towards KL Cleeton

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is considered one of the most prestigious poker tournaments globally, drawing the top players worldwide to compete for millions of dollars in prize money. However, the 2022 edition of the event was marred by controversy when professional player Kitty Kuo was accused of misbehavior towards fellow player KL Cleeton.

Who is Kitty Kuo?

Kitty Kuo, a professional poker player from Taiwan, is widely known for her impressive performance in the poker industry for over a decade. Kuo has participated in various high-stakes tournaments worldwide, including the WSOP and the World Poker Tour, earning her place as one of the top female players in the game. Nevertheless, Kuo has faced several controversies in the past, including allegations of cheating and rule-breaking, causing some in the poker community to question her integrity and sportsmanship.

Who is KL Cleeton?

KL Cleeton is a relatively new professional poker player, having made a name for himself in recent years. Cleeton’s involvement in the controversy has gained him a lot of attention in the poker community, having been a participant in the 2022 WSOP tournament and allegedly became the target of Kuo’s misbehavior. Despite being a newcomer, Cleeton has shown an impressive performance, causing some to consider him a promising player.

The Alleged Misbehavior of Kitty Kuo towards KL Cleeton

Reports have shown that Kuo engaged in a series of inappropriate behaviors towards Cleeton, including verbal taunts, physical gestures, and attempts to distract him from his play. This incident has led to outrage from other players and WSOP officials, who view Kuo’s behavior as a violation of the spirit of the game. Her actions have since caused negative publicity and criticism, with some calling for her to be banned from future tournaments.

Responses to the Incident

Both Kuo and Cleeton have addressed the incident publicly, with Kuo offering an apology for her behavior, and Cleeton expressing his disappointment over the incident. The wider poker community has also weighed in on the controversy, with many expressing concern about the impact of such behavior on the integrity of the game. Some have urged for stronger accountability and enforcement of rules in the professional poker industry, while others have viewed the incident as a turning point, signifying a shift towards increased attention to sportsmanship and fair play in the game.


The controversy surrounding Kitty Kuo’s misbehavior towards KL Cleeton has sparked a critical conversation about the state of professional poker and the need to have increased integrity and sportsmanship in the game. While the incident has caused disappointment and frustration among many in the poker community, it presents an opportunity for change and growth in the industry. It is crucial for players and officials alike to adopt a fair and sportsmanlike attitude towards the game to ensure a level playing field for everyone, thereby maintaining public confidence and promoting the growth of the sport.

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