A Deep Dive into the Legal Battle Between a Backer and Maurice Hawkins

In the world of professional poker, it is not uncommon for players to rely on backers for financial support to enter more lucrative tournaments. However, one such relationship has become the subject of a legal dispute between well-known pro player Maurice Hawkins and one of his backers. Let’s take a closer look at the legal intricacies of this case and what it could mean for the poker industry as a whole.


With an impressive track record of success in the tournament circuit, Maurice Hawkins is a respected and highly-skilled poker player. Like many players of his caliber, Hawkins required financial assistance from backers to enter into high-profile tournaments with larger buy-ins. A backer typically provides financial support in exchange for a share of any jackpot winnings. However, in this case, the backer alleges that Hawkins failed to honor the agreed-upon agreement.

This case could change how backers and players interact in the poker community from here on out.

The Initial Agreement

The initial agreement between Hawkins and his backer was straightforward. The backer put up the money for Hawkins to enter several high-stakes tournaments, and in exchange, Hawkins agreed to share a predetermined percentage or pay a flat fee of his winnings to the backer.

However, as the tournaments progressed, Hawkins failed to keep up with his payments to his backer. According to the backer, this led him to take legal action to recover the money owed.

Hawkins Fails to Repay Debts

The backer is claiming a considerable amount of debt from Hawkins, which Hawkins has failed to repay. Despite attempts by the backer to collect the outstanding amount, Hawkins has not made any attempts to pay back the debt.

Currently, the case has gone to court and awaits a decision.

The Legal Battle

The legal battle between Hawkins and his backer is a complex one. Both parties are making arguments and counterclaims and have put their respective legal cases on the table.

Hawkins claims that he doesn’t owe the amount claimed by the backer, and has raised several legal defenses. Meanwhile, the backer insists that Hawkins has breached their agreement and has missed quite a few payments, leading him to take legal action to collect the funds owed

Implications for the Poker World

This legal battle has the potential to change the way players and backers interact in the poker world. Backers might be more reluctant to provide their support to players, while players may need to take additional steps to safeguard themselves in the event of a dispute.

It is essential to note that disputes like these aren’t uncommon in the poker world, and this isn’t the first such event that high-profile players have been involved in as well.


The legal dispute between Maurice Hawkins and his backer is significant in the poker world, exposing the risks associated with players and backers among such relationships. As the legal proceedings continue, many in the poker industry are following it closely, as it could significantly impact the way backers and players interact.

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