FTX Collapse and Tether Operations: Alleged Links to Online Poker Cheating Scandals

In light of the recent collapse of FTX, concerns have been raised regarding the purported links between Tether operations and online poker cheating scandals. In this article, we shall delve into the history of online poker cheating scandals, the potential connect between Tether and online poker cheating, and the disputes surrounding Tether operations.

Background on the Infamous Online Poker Cheating Scandals

The online gaming industry has been rocked by multiple high-profile cases of online poker cheating scandals over the years. Players have often colluded with each other, utilizing advanced software to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Two of the most notorious cases were the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet scandals, which both implicated insiders, who employed complex software to cheat other players out of millions of dollars.

Tether Operations and Alleged Links to Online Poker Cheating Scandals

It has been suggested that Tether operations may be linked to online poker cheating scandals as well. Tether is a cryptocurrency designed to be pegged to the US dollar, but there have been accusations that Tether has been used to manipulate crypto prices on betting exchanges (including online poker) to facilitate collusion and cheating. It has been surmised that some players may be utilizing Tether to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

FTX Collapse and its Connection to Tether Operations

The recent collapse of the FTX exchange has brought these allegations into sharper focus. FTX was an acclaimed cryptocurrency exchange that had significant ties to Tether operations. When the exchange faltered, it caused panic within the broader cryptocurrency community, with many stakeholders apprehensive about its potential implications for the market. Some experts have even speculated that the FTX collapse was tied to Tether’s role in facilitating online poker cheating and associated illegal activities.

Controversies Surrounding Tether Operations

Though suspicions of Tether’s complicity in enabling online gaming cheating have been most recent, controversies surrounding the entire Tether operation have persisted. Critics have alleged that there is a lack of transparency and use of fractional reserve banking within Tether. In addition, there have been numerous other claims that Tether has played a role in digital price discrepancies, manipulation and other illegal activities around cryptocurrency exchanges. Such allegations have called into question Tether’s overall reliability and led to widespread concerns about its impact on the broader cryptocurrency market.


The purported links between Tether operations and online poker cheating scandals, as well as the controversies surrounding Tether’s overall operations, carry significant implications for both the cryptocurrency and online gaming industries. It is important for all market participants to work together, along with regulators, to develop more transparent, ethical practices to maintain a fair playing field for everyone involved.

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