How COVID-19 Continues to Impact Norman Chad Months after Infection

Norman Chad, a well-known sports journalist and TV personality, has been grappling with the effects of COVID-19 long after contracting the virus in March of 2020. COVID-19, a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has been wreaking havoc worldwide since its outbreak in late 2019. Although some people recover from the virus within a few weeks, others, like Norman Chad, experience persistent symptoms even months after the initial infection.

Norman Chad’s Positive Test Result for COVID-19

In March of 2020, Norman Chad tested positive for COVID-19. He believes he caught the virus while on a business trip to New York City. During his initial illness, Chad experienced a variety of symptoms, including cough, fever, and body aches. He received immediate medical care and was treated with antiviral medication and oxygen therapy.

Norman Chad’s Recovery from COVID-19

It took Norman Chad over a month to recover from COVID-19. During this time, he underwent several medical procedures and utilized various methods to aid in his recovery. He exercised daily, consumed a healthy diet, and took supplements to boost his immune system. Finally, in early May 2020, his doctors confirmed that he was “COVID-free.”

Long-Lasting Symptoms of COVID-19 on Norman Chad

Regrettably, Norman Chad’s battle with COVID-19 didn’t end when he was declared “COVID-free.” Since recuperating from the virus, Chad has dealt with various persistent symptoms. He consistently experiences shortness of breath, chest pains, and fatigue, among others. Medical professionals are still unsure why some patients experience prolonged COVID-19 symptoms, with potential causes including post-viral syndrome or underlying medical issues. These symptoms have drastically impacted Chad’s daily life and have prevented him from returning to his regular routine.

Expert Opinions on COVID-19 Long-Haulers

Norman Chad’s experience isn’t isolated; many COVID-19 survivors continue to deal with persistent symptoms long after recovering from the virus. Medical experts have coined the term “COVID-19 long-haulers” for individuals who continue to experience symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and other issues long after their initial infection. Sadly, there is no known cure for these long-lasting symptoms, and doctors are diligently researching why some people are more affected than others.


Overall, Norman Chad’s experience underscores the long-lasting effects of COVID-19. As the world continues to confront this pandemic, it is crucial to comprehend the potential long-term effects of the virus. If you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms similar to Norman Chad’s, seek immediate medical attention and collaborate closely with your healthcare provider to manage your symptoms.

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