Potential Relocation of Encore Boston Harbor Poker Room Awaits Ruling from Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Encore Boston Harbor, a luxurious casino situated on the picturesque banks of Mystic River in Everett, Massachusetts, has submitted a proposal to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) to relocate its poker room to a larger space within the casino. As of now, the proposal awaits a ruling from the MGC. In this post, we delve into the history of the relocation proposal, its potential implications, and possible outcomes.


The poker room at Encore Boston Harbor currently comprises 74 tables and is located in a relatively modest corner of the casino. To enhance the poker experience of its customers, the management has proposed relocating the poker room to a more spacious and comfortable area within the casino.

If the proposal gets a nod, the new setup will offer room for up to 90 tables, further augmenting the revenue potential of the casino establishment, while drawing more customers to the site.

History of the Poker Room Relocation Proposal

The proposal for relocating the poker room first surfaced in 2019 and solicited mixed reactions from various stakeholders. Supporters of the proposal view it as an opportunity to enhance the gaming experience and increase the casino’s revenue. However, critics have raised concerns about the impact on traffic congestion in the surrounding communities.

The proposal has undergone multiple rounds of review and revision, and the MGC has sought feedback from the local communities before ruling on it. The final decision is yet to be announced.

Implications for Encore Boston Harbor and its Competitors

Approving the relocation proposal would make Encore Boston Harbor the largest poker room in the area, potentially attracting more customers and revenue. Nevertheless, it could imply lesser monies for other nearby establishments offering poker games as players may prefer the newest and more spacious gaming environment

A comparison with the offerings of Massachusetts casinos with a similar setup reveals the possible shift in market share propelled by the relocation. MGM Springfield and Twin River Casino Hotel, for example, might record a decline in revenue due to the larger poker room at Encore Boston Harbor.

Opposition to the Proposed Poker Room Relocation

A section of the community has raised concerns about the impact of the relocation proposal on the quality of life, traffic congestion, and competition within the industry. The MGC has taken into account these objections as it scrutinizes the proposal.

The MGC may also consider the magnitude of competition within the industry and the impact of the proposal on customers of other casinos in the region offering poker games.

Possible Outcomes and Next Steps

The ruling by MGC holds various possible outcomes. If the proposal receives approval, the casino will need to put together plans for the new poker room and begin construction. In the case of a denial of the proposal, the poker games will remain in their current location.

Based on the ruling, Encore Boston Harbor may need to devise alternative strategies to create an improved poker experience for its customers. This alternative may entail increasing the current space and/or adding attractive amenities to rival the offerings of competitors.


The relocation proposal submitted by Encore Boston Harbor’s poker room awaits the MGC ruling. If the proposal gets the green light, it would be interesting to see the impact it would have on revenue and poker room market shares in the area. Encouragingly, the MGC appears to be considering the legitimate concerns raised, so we will have to wait and see what decision they make.

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