Controversy Surrounding Mike Matusow Over Inflated WSOP Profits and COVID-19 Tweet

Mike Matusow, a highly regarded player in the poker community, is currently experiencing significant backlash over allegations of inflating his World Series of Poker (WSOP) profits and a COVID-19 tweet. This blog post will delve into the controversy surrounding Matusow and explore potential implications.

Matusow’s Provocative COVID-19 Tweet

The controversy began with a provocative tweet from Matusow about COVID-19. He suggested that the virus was not as dangerous as the media was making it out to be, generating intense criticism online. Many accused Matusow of spreading misinformation and of not taking the pandemic seriously.

Reactions in Online Poker Forums

The tweet sparked a lot of online conversations in poker forums, with many expressing disappointment in Matusow’s statement, calling it ignorant and insensitive. Several forum users took it further, calling for a boycott of Matusow’s merchandise and to remove his name from any references in poker media.

“Just because he doesn’t care about his health does not mean millions of others shouldn’t,” one forum user said, “I lost all respect for @themouthmatusow after that tweet.”

Analysis of WSOP Earnings

On top of the Twitter controversy, Matusow has also been accused of inflating his earnings at the WSOP. Some members of the poker community claim that his winnings in the tournament were significantly less than reported, and the speculations are used to draw more customers to his merchandise. On the other hand, when analyzing Matusow’s earnings from previous years, his reported profits during the year’s event were lower than his average earnings. It is unclear where the inflated profits allegations come from, and it could be a result of misunderstandings.

Matusow’s Reaction

During the height of the controversy, Matusow remained silent on social media. He did not issue apologies or retractions on his tweet or allegations of inflating his WSOP earnings. Nevertheless, on a recent podcast, he addressed the situation, stating that he stands by his tweets and is sorry for offending people.

Implications and Consequences

Mike Matusow’s reputation in the poker community has undoubtedly been affected by the controversy. Many players have publicized disapproval towards his actions. This situation also reflects the impact of spreading misinformation and the critical importance of social media responsibility during these times. This emphasis on being honest and transparent in the poker community highlights that any dishonesty in this field is unacceptable.


This controversy serves as a reminder to all individuals to be mindful of their words and their impact on social media, as words can cause significant consequences, especially in the media field. Matusow’s controversial tweet and allegations about his WSOP earnings underline the importance of honesty and transparency in the poker community.

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