In recent times, Lary Flynt Publications (LFP), the parent company of Hustler Casino Live, has been embroiled in controversy over cheating allegations at their online gambling platform. Although LFP has been no stranger to controversy due to their history in adult entertainment, these cheating accusations have dealt a significant blow to the trust customers have in Hustler Casino Live’s online gambling platform.

Background on the Allegations

A group of professional poker players noticed a series of strange game patterns involving wins and losses and brought the matter to light. It was discovered that there was an alleged use of bots or artificial intelligence to cheat in the games. Furthermore, there were also allegations of collusion among players, as well as the use of software to see the cards of opponents. These serious allegations have not only impacted Hustler Casino Live’s reputation but have also raised questions regarding the company’s fair play values.

Company’s Response to the Allegations

In the initial stages, the company dismissed all the allegations as baseless. However, after intense pressure from the public and industry regulators, Hustler Casino Live’s parent company announced that they would hire an independent third party to investigate the matter. The lack of clarity regarding the investigation process and its duration continues to be a matter of concern.

Possible Implications of the Investigation

The consequences of the alleged cheating could be severe for Hustler Casino Live, including loss of licenses and closure of the business. The investigation could bring about a stricter regulatory environment for the online gambling industry. The findings of the investigation could have a broader impact on the gambling industry, leading to tighter regulations and greater enforcement efforts.


The accusations of cheating by Hustler Casino Live have raised critical questions about the fairness of the online gambling industry. While the company’s initial response to the allegations may have been slow, the decision to conduct a third-party investigation is a noteworthy and commendable step. Ultimately, the results of the investigation will determine the future of Hustler Casino Live and could have far-reaching implications on the gambling industry as a whole.

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