The Closure of Pechanga Casino’s Poker Room and Its Impact on Players and the Casino

As one of the most popular casino attractions, many patrons were disappointed to find out that Pechanga Casino’s poker room is closed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we’ll dive into the reasons behind the closure, its consequences on the players and the casino, and the possible reopening timeline and changes that may come with it.

Reasons for the Poker Room Closure

Pechanga Casino has placed the safety and well-being of its patrons and employees at the forefront of its priorities since COVID-19 emerged. Despite reopening after the initial closure, certain protocols made it arduous to keep the poker room open.

Frequent sanitization procedures, the proximity between players at poker tables, and handling cards and chips put players and dealers at a greater risk of transmitting the virus. Furthermore, social distancing and decreased demand made it financially unfeasible to keep the poker room operational.

Impact on Players and the Casino

The closure of Pechanga Casino’s poker room has left players with a significant void. For avid poker players, the camaraderie and competition offered at the poker room was unmatched. Many have voiced their disappointment at losing this treasured spot.

The closure of the poker room has also translated to an economic loss for the casino. Without revenue from this popular attraction, the casino has had to make tough decisions about its staff and budgetary concerns.

Nevertheless, the casino has been quick to adapt to the situation by providing alternative gaming options, such as slot machines and off-track betting.

Possible Reopening Timeline and Changes

Pechanga Casino has not disclosed a reopening date for its poker room, but promises to work hard to ensure that it can reopen safely. Once it reopens, players can expect a slightly different poker experience.

To keep everyone safe, the casino will implement even more rigorous health and safety protocols, such as plexiglass dividers between players and increased sanitation procedures. These changes may modify the feel of the poker room, but they’re necessary to prioritize everyone’s safety.


The closure of Pechanga Casino’s poker room has been a disappointment to many regular players, but it’s a necessary measure in these trying times. The casino is resolute in offering a secure and enjoyable gaming atmosphere to all its patrons and will continue to adapt to varying circumstances. We look forward to the time when the poker room will once again be open to bring joy to its players.

If you have any thoughts or experiences related to the poker room at Pechanga Casino, we encourage you to share them in the comment section below.

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