PokerStars VR: A Closer Look at the Upcoming Virtual Reality Game on Meta Quest Pro

Virtual reality (VR) technology has revolutionized the gaming industry, offering players an immersive experience like never before. Online gaming has been popular with card games, but with the advent of VR, the playing field has been revolutionized. Enter PokerStars VR, a game that has caught the attention of gamers globally, and with its launch on Meta Quest Pro, it’s only going to get better.

Section 1: What is PokerStars VR?

PokerStars VR is an award-winning VR poker game developed by Lucky VR Inc. The game brings the traditional game of poker to a fully immersive and interactive VR environment. Players have access to real-time play with features such as voice chat, customizable avatars, and actual handling of chips as one would in a real casino.

The game’s unique selling points are numerous. Players get to experience an addictive game that offers a true-to-life feel as if they’re playing in an actual establishment, enabling them to connect with other players on a whole new level. Most notably, PokerStars VR users have been fond of the game’s impressive graphics, highly detailed game environment, and the numerous awards it has won.

Since its initial release on Steam in 2018, PokerStars VR has garnered an extensive following. With a rating of 9/10 on Steam, players have shown an unwavering appreciation of the game. The highly anticipated launch on Meta Quest Pro is expected to expand this community even further.

Section 2: What Makes Meta Quest Pro a Perfect Fit for PokerStars VR?

Meta Quest Pro, produced by Facebook Technologies, is among the most popular VR headsets in the market. It’s a self-contained, wireless VR headset that offers ease of mobility, giving users the freedom to move without being tethered to a personal computer. The resolution is on par with other tethered VR headsets, providing high-quality visual experience.

Meta Quest Pro is the perfect fit for PokerStars VR as it offers an exceptional untethered experience. Players aren’t restricted by cables, and they have enough room to move around, making their VR poker experience more realistic. Additionally, the Quest Pro’s hand-tracking feature makes it feel like players are handling actual playing cards and chips, amplifying the feel of being in a real casino.

Section 3: Nearing the Launch Date: What to Expect?

The PokerStars VR game is scheduled to launch on Meta Quest Pro on August 19th, 2021. Currently, the buzz around the launch is high, and the developers have employed significant marketing strategies to promote the game. The anticipation from fans and critics alike is palpable, with many expecting the game to set a new high-bar in the VR gaming industry.

Looking past the launch, the future of VR gaming is fascinating, with games like PokerStars VR leading the way. The game’s release on Meta Quest Pro is a game-changer and provides consumers with a fully immersive experience that they’ve yet to experience elsewhere.


PokerStars VR is a game that’s taken the poker gaming industry and the VR industry by storm. With its highly-realistic game environment, players enjoy an unparalleled experience. With its upcoming launch on Meta Quest Pro, players will now be more mobile and free, providing them with an even more realistic experience. With the anticipation for the launch high, we can expect a new benchmark in VR gaming as we know it. Are you excited for PokerStars VR to be launched on Meta Quest Pro? Let us know in the comments below!

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