The Inspiring Story of Two Poker Commentators Nominated for the Poker Hall of Fame

The Poker Hall of Fame is an emblem of distinction awarded to individuals who have made tremendous contributions to the poker industry through their skills, expertise, and devotion. This year, Lon McEachern and Norman Chad, two renowned poker commentators, have been nominated to join the crème de la crème in the Poker Hall of Fame for their achievements, talent, and unparalleled dedication to the poker industry.

Who is Lon McEachern?

Lon McEachern is an accomplished commentator known for his enthralling voice and extensive knowledge of the game. After beginning his career as a sportscaster, he moved to the world of poker commentary where he has commentated on the biggest events globally, including several World Series of Poker events. He is also credited with coining the phrase “hole cam,” allowing viewers to see the hidden cards of the players.

Who is Norman Chad?

Norman Chad is another outstanding poker commentator whose expertise and sense of humor have won the hearts of many poker fans. Although his first love was writing, Chad’s love for poker brought him into the commentary booth where he has become a regular commentator on ESPN’s World Series of Poker broadcasts. He has authored several books on poker and is a master of understanding and clarifying complex poker concepts.

Duo Commentary: Lon McEachern and Norman Chad

The charismatic on-screen partnership of McEachern and Chad began in 2003 when they were paired to commentate on the World Series of Poker. Their chemistry was undeniable, and they have since become one of the most beloved commentary teams in the industry. Their unique blend of humor and expertise has allowed them to commentate on some of the most significant and historic moments in poker history.

Recent News

In 2021, Lon McEachern and Norman Chad were both nominated for induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. The nomination was a well-deserved recognition of their contributions to the industry and their impact on the game of poker. The duo’s outstanding partnership has captivated poker fans globally, as they continue to share their love and appreciation for the game with their audience.

The voting process for the Poker Hall of Fame is currently underway, and the results will be announced shortly. Regardless of the outcome, McEachern and Chad remain humble, expressing gratitude for this recognition and the support of their fans in this bid.


Lon McEachern and Norman Chad’s exceptional careers are a testament to their dedication and passion for the game of poker. Through their commentating expertise and writing, they have helped to shape the evolution of poker into the game we know and love today. Their lasting impact on the industry will continue to inspire future generations of poker enthusiasts worldwide. Whatever the outcome of the nomination, McEachern and Chad deserve nothing less than to be acknowledged as legends in the poker industry.

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