Molly’s Game is a book and movie that chronicles the true story of Molly Bloom’s involvement in the underground world of high-stakes poker games. Houston Curtis, a former player in these games and creator of Poker Players’ Alliance, became involved in the ensuing controversy over his list of celebrities who also played in these games.

Section 1: Who is Houston Curtis?

Houston Curtis is a former participant in high-stakes poker games and creator of the Poker Players’ Alliance. Throughout his advocacy work and affiliation with Molly’s Game, Curtis has become a prominent figure in the poker community. However, his recent involvement in the controversy surrounding the list of celebrities that played in the underground games has raised some questions about his ethical responsibilities.

Section 2: Molly’s Game and its Celebrity Players

Molly’s Game portrays the true story of how Molly Bloom ran underground, high-stakes poker games, with some of the wealthiest and most well-known Hollywood celebrities playing on her tables. According to Houston Curtis’ list, actors like Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ben Affleck were among those who participated in the games, which had both positive and negative impacts on the careers and personal lives of said celebrities

Section 3: Criticisms of Houston Curtis’ List

The release of Houston Curtis’ list has provoked mixed reactions from critics. While some people found it to be an informative look at the intersection of celebrity culture and high-stakes gambling, others have questioned the accuracy of the list and whether or not it was ethical for Curtis to release it in the first place. Moreover, the public naming of celebrities involved in these underground games raises potential concerns over privacy and reputational damages.


In conclusion, Houston Curtis’ list of celebrities involved in Molly’s Game has ignited a great deal of debate. Although it provides further insight into the world of high-stakes poker and celebrity culture, the accuracy and ethical implications of the list have been questioned. Ultimately, the impact of the game on the professional and personal lives of its participants will remain a captivating topic for both the public and the high-stakes poker community.

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