Venetian Cancels Final Two Stairway to Millions’ Events

Recently, the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas announced the cancellation of the final two Stairway to Millions’ events scheduled later this year. The decision has provoked mixed reactions within the poker community, and many are now wondering about the future implications of these popular tournaments.

The Importance of Stairway to Millions’ Events to Poker Players

The Stairway to Millions’ events have always held a special appeal for both professional and amateur poker players alike. These tournaments provide a platform to showcase one’s skills and compete with some of the best players in the business. The prizes offered at these events are huge, and they are often considered a major incentive for players to participate.

Furthermore, these events offer an opportunity for players to network with other players, establish new contacts, and possibly secure lucrative endorsement deals. For some players, the chance to participate in these events marks a matter of prestige, and winning a Stairway to Millions event confirms their status as one of the best in the business.

Venetian’s Decision to Cancel the Events

The decision to cancel the final two Stairway to Millions’ events was attributed to various factors, including the outbreak of COVID-19, the negative financial impact on the Venetian, and increasing competition from other casinos. Despite these challenges, the decision came as a surprise to many, given the popularity of the events and their importance for the poker industry.

The cancellation is likely to have serious implications for the players, sponsors, and Venetian. Players who had already registered for the events will need to seek out other opportunities to participate in similar tournaments, which may not be as prestigious or lucrative. The sponsors who had invested heavily in promoting the events will also face losses. The Venetian, on the other hand, may lose its reputation as an industry leader and appeal to high-stakes poker players.

The Implication of Venetian’s Decision

The cancellation of the Stairway to Millions’ events is expected to have significant repercussions for the poker industry as a whole. Some experts believe that the decision may signal a more cautious approach to high-stakes tournaments, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Players and sponsors are concerned about the implications of the cancellation and how it might affect the future of the industry. Some fear that this could be the beginning of the end for high-stakes poker tournaments, which have played an integral part in the industry for decades.

The Future of Stairway to Millions’ Events

Despite the uncertainty caused by the cancellation of the final two Stairway to Millions’ events, many in the industry remain optimistic about the future. Some believe that Venetian and other poker organizers are already working on ways to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19 and other factors that led to the cancellation.

Others hold on to the belief that the significance of high-stakes poker tournaments to the industry and the players is too immense for them to vanish entirely. They expect that steps will be taken to ensure the continuity of these events, even if it means finding new ways of organizing them or using technology to facilitate remote participation.


Summing it up, the cancellation of the final two Stairway to Millions’ events has shaken up the poker community, leaving players and sponsors rattled about the future. However, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 and other factors, there is still hope for the future.

As long as players and sponsors continue to support the significance of high-stakes poker tournaments, events like Stairway to Millions’ will always find a place in the industry. It’s up to the industry leaders and organizers to explore new and innovative ways to ensure their continuity while making them accessible to everyone who wants to participate.

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